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Paintless dent repair is a trade that is almost as old as cars themselves. It began in the early 1900’s in assembly plants as a quick form of repair and has only recently seen an exponential increase in exposure. But even with its increasing popularity very few truly understand how much of a benefit it can be. Here are four fantastic facts about Bonsack dent removal that you probably didn’t know about:

It Can Save You a Ton of Money

The primary benefit of going with PDR over other forms of repair is the amount of money it can save you. Most drivers and mechanics in Bonsack would point you to a body shop for just about everything, but we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to settle for overpriced repairs anymore. Paintless dent removal is affordable, not because it’s inneffective, but because it’s simple. We attack the dent at its source so we don’t waste materials or labor, saving you a fortune in the process.

It Can Save You Time

Paintless dent repair is also well known for being the fastest way to make a dent totally disappear from your car. The secret is in its simplicity. We don’t waste time dilly dallying on steps that could potentially harm the paint job of your car . Instead, we go straight to the back of the dent. Striking it from the source and returning the body to its original shape is the fastest way to get results.

It Can Be Covered By Your Insurance

Many insurance companies in Bonsack officially recognize PDR as a safe form of dent removal. This means you could potentially get professional level repairs at no cost to you. The process is easy: First, contact your insurance company to find out if your damages are covered. Generally this requires comprehensive coverage. Then call your trusted Bonsack dent removal team. We have over ten years of dent repair experience that is just a dial away. Finally, all that’s left is to bring your car to our repair shop. We’ll have you back on the road in no time.

It Can Boost Your Resale Value

Possibly the most important benefit of paintless dent removal is its ability to boost your resale value. While PDR can’t repair all damage, such as serious collisions, it can repair 80% of surface dents, dings, and creases. This makes it a great option for routine repairs for maintaining top shape. In addition, since PDR doesn’t affect the paint the damages are treated as if they never happened.