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People have taken great pride in their cars since automobiles first took their place in modern society. It’s an infatuation we can’t outgrow because of their overwhelming value and influence on our everyday lives. But taking care of your car seems to be far more costly than it’s worth doesn’t it? From the engine to the frame, there always seems to be something going wrong so why not sieze the opportunity to save money when you have it? Here are four great ways you can save big with Bonsack dent repair!

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair is an industry recognized form of dent removal that is designed specifically for surface level dings, creases, hail damage, and more. It uses specialized tools and processes to gently remove the dent from the car so your paint won’t be affected one bit. But you can save big with PDR in more ways than one:

Faster Than a Body Shop

Paintless dent repair uses much simpler processes than a standard body shop. We no longer need to remove panels or prepare the car for a new coat of paint. Now you can save time AND money!

No More Rental Cars

Rentals can be expensive, but thanks to our record dent repair speeds you’ll be back to the streets of Bonsack in no time. Most standard repairs can be finished in under an hour while severe damage such as hail takes no more than a day or two. Compared to your traditional body shop, which takes one to two weeks, you will be saving a fortune on your next rental!

Insurance Approved

Paintless dent repair is officially recognized by most dealerships and insurance companies in Bonsack. So, aside from your deductible, you won’t need to pay a penny out of pocket. Just make sure that the damages are covered by your comprehensive insurance.

Pay For What You Get

Because paintless dent repair is a much more streamlined process many of the steps body shops incorporate simply aren’t necessary. Steps such as priming, panel removal, and refinishing have been omitted completely. This means you only pay for the results you see on your vehicle.