Dent Crafters | Roanoke Door Crease Removal Experts

Who Are the Dent Crafters?

The Dent Crafters are a talented PDR (paintless dent repair) crew and we are dedicated to delivering high quality results at great speeds for low prices. We’ve been in the industry for over 15 years and became part of it back in 2009 when I started Dent Crafters. Since then we have always striven to do PDR like nobody else. If you are in need of a skilled Roanoke door crease removal team then don’t hesitate; call Dent Crafters today at 540-819-1143 so we can schedule your free damage assessment!

Where Did the Door Crease Come From?

After noticing the damage you should take a look around and try to deduce the cause of it. Knowing where the dent came from and how it got there can provide very helpful insight when repairing it. For instance, if a high speed rock was the source of the damage it’s likely the dent will be too sharp for PDR to repair. On the other hand, a shopping cart ding is a simple task for our Roanoke door crease removal team. Sometimes you may even need to get a plate number if the damage was a hit and run. Whatever the cause was knowing it can greatly improve the speed, price, and quality of repairs.

Why Choose Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is the definitive repair method for all minor dings and dents in Roanoke. PDR can provide many great benefits over body shops including:

  • Faster repair times
  • Much lower prices
  • No carfax reports
  • No effect on the factory paint
  • Resale value boost

Overall, when it comes to dent removal PDR is almost always the way to go. Body shops simply can’t compete with our speed and prices. If your car was damaged recently call our Roanoke door crease removal team today at 540-819-1143 and we’ll give you a free estimate!