Can I Trust ‘DIY’ Methods? | Roanoke Door Crease Repair Techs Say No

What About “Do it Yourself” Techniques?

DIY techniques have been around since the beginning as a way to save money where it isn’t necessary to spend. However, with the dawn of the internet, these methods have become something of a fad, turning everyone into an expert on everything. While there isn’t anything wrong with learning to repair door creases yourself, these tutorials often do more harm than good. This is because Roanoke door crease repair is an adaptive skill.

No two dents are alike, so following a dent repair guide ‘to the T’ could spell disaster. Perhaps you’ve fixed a shallow crease in the center of your door before, so you already have experience. But what about a sharper dent at the bottom of the door where the metal is more taught? A slight mistake could mean a crack in the paint and an expensive trip to the body shop.

How Do Pros Do Roanoke Door Crease Repair?

Repairing a door crease like a pro is simple enough. They follow the same steps as anyone else would:

  1. Determine the type of damage and its location
  2. Remove the dented panel and clean it for repairs
  3. Gently massage the dent back into place
  4. Refit the panel and you’re good to go

The key difference being their knowledge, patience, and tools. Dent masters usually have years of experience and specialized equipment to help them with the job. Experience is extremely important since there is no official Roanoke door crease repair degree. This will be the only reliable way to judge the quality of your tech. Knowing the kind of equipment they use can be very helpful too. Any dedicated PDR tech will invest in a high quality set of tips and tools to give them an advantage over their competition.

Ultimately, the final decision is yours to make. Will you risk a DIY attempt? Or will you take your car to the #1 Roanoke door crease repair company? Call Dent Crafters today at (540)-819-1143 for your free estimate!