One Solution to the Worst Driving Annoyance | Roanoke Door Ding Repair

There are many types of car accidents that frustrate our Roanoke door ding repair team; but by far the most infuriating are door dings. Not because they are difficult or expensive to remove, but because of the blatant lack of respect for your vehicle is far too obvious. Unfortunately, they are next to impossible to avoid. Most of the time the culprit is long gone when you return and you’re left with a nice little reminder of their carelessness. Luckily, the Dent Crafters have your back. Our Roanoke door ding repair team specializes in removing the most annoying blemishes on your otherwise spotless ride quickly, effectively, and at little cost to you!

Is PDR a Replacement for Body Shops?

Body shops are an irreplaceable part of keeping your car in good health. They provide necessary visual and mechanical repairs for all makes and models in Roanoke. However, body shops tend to be costly and time consuming. If you find yourself short on time or change then PDR can make a great alternative.

Paintless dent repair is a much faster solution than most other forms of repair. This is thanks to its simplicity. PDR does not require lengthy steps, like painting or panel replacement. Now we can repair nearly any standard dent in roughly an hour!

Similar to how our Roanoke door ding repair team can save you time, they can save you money. Those lengthy steps, painting and panel replacement, require expensive materials too. Now you only pay for the work that is actually being done on your car.

Additionally, paintless dent repair is the best way to boost your car’s blue-book value. Since our techniques don’t involve the paint at all you get to retain your original coat. This is one of the most important factors when determining resale value because the manufacturers paint is almost always of higher quality than others. Furthermore, they are nearly impossible to match so if you do visit a body shop it is likely your repairs will look obvious.

Roanoke Door Ding Repair

Ultimately, you determine what the best option for your car is. We provide our technicians with the best training and tools available to deliver the highest quality service possible. Call our Roanoke door ding repair team today at (540)-819-1143 to schedule your free estimate!