What’s So Great About This Roanoke PDR Company? | Dent Crafters

What Exactly is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a safe and simple method of removing minor dents from motor vehicles. Many techs advocate for PDR because of its versatility and non-intrusive values. Even more praise its low prices and incredible turnaround times. However, a large portion of drivers are still unaware of its existence. The fact of the matter is paintless dent repair is the best way to save money, protect your car’s health, and improve its value all in one go! Call our Roanoke PDR team today at (540)-819-1143 to learn more.

Protect Your Car’s Health

Paintless dent repair is a very versatile repair method that can fix small, medium, and large dents, door dings, hail damage, and everything in between. While this is impressive, PDR can’t fix everything. Generally speaking, if the paint has been damaged then paintless dent removal won’t work. But, for most types of minor body damage our Roanoke PDR team is the perfect alternative to pricey body shops!

Save Money on Repairs

One of PDR’s most popular features is its low price range. In fact, paintless dent repair usually costs three times less than competing body shops. That’s a lot of extra dough to line your pockets! This is thanks to streamlined design of PDR. Instead of wasting time and resources on filling, priming, and repainting the dent we opt for a simpler approach. Using advanced Dent Crafters tools and procedures, our technicians push at the back of the dent and pull at the front to reshape the damaged metal to its original, pre accident form. Our Roanoke PDR crew will save you a ton in labor and material costs.

Improve Its Resale Value

Perhaps the most important benefit of PDR is its non-invasive nature. Paintless dent repair leaves virtually no trace if done by a professional, so it won’t appear on Carfax reports. Additionally, nothing is done to jeopardize the factory condition of your car’s paint job. One of the biggest drawbacks of body shops is their tendency to paint first and ask questions later. This can cause issues because manufacturer paint codes can be difficult or impossible to match, so a new paint job will never look as good as the original. Our Roanoke PDR team never changes your paint.